*Acronophobia (n): An abnormal and persistent fear of heights. Sufferers experience severe anxiety even though they realize as a rule that heights pose no real threat to them.

[images: (1) Workmen Atop Gargoyle on Chrysler Building (2) Construction Workers Lunching on Crossbeam]

When it's slow on Sunday's at work I get to read the New York Times at the host-stand. I don't think this is generally allowed but my managers realized that I get antsy and walk around if I have nothing to do, so they went for the lesser of two evils considering I will read the paper cover to cover and stay put.

I saw these photos on a backpage advertising The New York Times store and even though it is a 2-dimensional image I still got that momentary tightening in my stomach when i looked at them {like I felt when I visited the Empire State Building and stayed plastered to the wall}. Funny the way a photo, even when it's flat and no bigger than my hand, can elicit a response so real.

I guess when they say "It feels like you're there!" that includes feelings of imminent peril and nausea.


  1. Yes, I felt the exact same way when I saw the one on the right! Just looking at them makes me feel like I'm losing my balance.


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