Home is Wherever I'm With You (II)

My favorite part of the Edward Sharpe & the Magnetic Zeros song Home {which I wrote about below} is when they sing: Nothing new is sweeter than with you!

I had taken that to mean : Doing fun new things is the most fun when we do them together!

But, when my friend Cassy commented on another post I did on this song, she said that this was her favorite part of the song too because ...
"I think, too many times, people get so caught up in the dizzying beginnings of a romance that they take for granted the stage that brings a quiet love that settles into your heart and creates a sort of peace."
I just loved that! She took it to mean : The rush of butterflies and excitement in a new relationship isn't better than the kind of real love I have with you!

Isn't it funny the way the same part of the same song can mean totally different things to two people? It's wonderful how personal music becomes just for that reason.


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