My Dad | On Self Respect

"You are the one who teaches people how to treat you. If you don't like it, then stop letting them do it. Or stop letting it bother you, and rather let it roll off you like water off a ducks back. But the second you start to complain about it, start to say 'oh boo hoo me' is when you become a victim. And treating yourself like a victim is the quickest way to show people how to make you one."
my dad
 {see more advice from him HERE and HERE}


  1. i think i love the man and i've never even met him. nothing quite like a dad's advice is there? (this, of course, coming from the quintessential daddy's girl...)

  2. sam! seriously. this advice is needed more than ever for girls like you and me. who love literally EVERYONE. my best friend gave me this advice when one certain boy was being wishy-washy. and guess what? as always, she was right. he's mine now of course :) but you already knew that.

  3. wonderful advice. dad's always have to best advice :)


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