Nothing's Sweeter than Summertime {except maybe Dessert from Pix}

We all know that even though I have a college degree, the only thing I'm doing with my diploma is decorating my fridge with it. Because of these factors I'm broke, but I have a diet resembling Marie Antoinette. One of my jobs is at a quintessential Portland place called Pix Patisserie, where I eat french Macaron's for breakfast on a regular basis. So my birthday wouldn't have been complete with out a glorious g l o r i o u s dessert course!

I had perfectly tinted tiffany's blue sparkly macarons that were champagne flavored! Glitter, Turquoise, Champagne, sugar : pretty much my favorite 4 things on the planet.
Also they bakers made me a coral colored raspberry filled lemon cheesecake with ginger and candied hazelnuts! My S U P E R S W E E T 2 3 r d. And, I'll probably have diabetes before my 24th.

Desser - Champagne Macarons from Pix!

Digging in to the cake
Icognito Cheese Cake from Pix

Next up: a peek at the guests! Then it's back to your regularly scheduled blog programming. & click here for : the invitations, the cocktails, dinner and the flowers.


  1. happy birthday :) the macaron's sound and look delicious. and the cake! you had a very sweet birthday indeed :)


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