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Urban Light, Lacma
Urban Light, Lacma
One of my close friends from college interns at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art. Can you believe this is where he goes to work everyday? The entrance features the installation Urban Light by Chris Burden, which is made up of two-hundred and two vintage street lights from around the city.

Of course I brought my camera along, like a true tourist. But, for him it was just another day at the office.

(photos) Urban Light at LACMA. On film with pentax k1000. These photos are the first time I've ever been brave enough to shoot at a shutterspeed of 1/1000th of a second. So crisp, so much contrast! (p.s) More at Urban Light on my flickr
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  1. That looks AMAZING!! I have an unhealthy obsession with street lights, so this to me is like heaven! I am so jealous of your friend, what a cool job!

  2. oh it's not fair, I want my workplace to look like this!

  3. I visited LACMA over the summer. This artwork is even more beautiful at night, when all the lights turn on. I saw a man and his wife chasing each other around the lampposts last time I was there, laughing and taking pictures. It was absolutely beautiful :)

  4. i want to visit SO bad. i've seen photos here at night that are absolutely unreal!



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