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Roses at the Meadow
"I once heard of an East African farmer who, in the 1920s, traded his vast flax plantation for a much smaller plot devoted to damask roses. He liked the notion of being able to transport an entire harvest to Paris in a suitcase, attar being worth more, per gram, than cocaine.

I like that notion myself. Every writer's ambition is to distill the truth irreducibly from a thorny subject."

Judith Thurman, in her essay collection Cleopatra's Nose : 39 Varieties of Desire

[ (1) The Meadow on Mississippi Ave, on Valentine's Day morning. On film, with my pentax k1000 (p.s.) another great line from Judith Thurman | On Gumption ]


  1. This quote made me smile :) A thing of beauty where one would not expect it.


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