Bookshelves on Unstitched

Book Shelves

Today, I'm sharing a little about my favorite books in the Unstitched series : Bookshelves.

I met Lillian while I was photographing the frolic summer flower class. We were chatting, and after she mentioned that she was visiting from Los Angeles, I had a little - oh, your Lillian from Unstitched! - lightbulb moment. I read her blog everyday. She shares inspiring interiors, and creates a lot of original collaborative content. And, I'm pretty sure she is the nicest girl in the blog-land.

[(1) on film with my pentax k1000 for unstitched. More can also be seen on Flickr


  1. Oh, you are just the sweetest, Sam! :) Thanks so much for doing this brilliant and beautiful guest post for me! It's one of my favorites!
    I'm trying to find my way back to Portland so we can have a good teatime and chat even more ;)

  2. I just discovered you via Unstitched. A beautiful post you did. I loved that quote you chose from the History of Love (It's one of my favourite books ever) However, I think you shouldn't try to apologize for or hide your sensitivity. I think it's a great asset, even if it's not always easy in this world we livie in.

    Love, E.


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