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Here is a little how-to for one of the projects Tessa and I have been working on for the wedding we are planning:
  1. Wrap yarn around your hand at least 20 times - more if you want your poms to be more dense and fluffy.
  2. Slip your hand out of the loop you've just created, and tie the yarn in the center with another piece of yarn.
  3. Use scissors to cut each end of the oval-shaped loop in half.
  4. Shake your hand through the free ends to separate the yarn, and create a ball.
  5. Make more and string them together (we used fishing line to make them look like they were floating).
This is also a great project to make with kids! 

I recently did it with my favorite four-year-old friend, Stella. We used her little hands for wrapping the yarn, and it was especially fun since she just learned how to tie knots. (just make sure you use the scissors to avoid every babysitter's worst nightmare)

(photos) on film with pentax k1000


  1. These are genius. I MUST borrow this idea!

  2. thank you for the idea. So easy and beautiful!

  3. EclecChic : It's a really fun project, with a lot of visual 'pow'!


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