dad hands, doing things.

Father's Day Weekend, both photos are so classically my dad. 

friday: painting the foundation of my sister's first house and then laying out plans to remodel her laundry room while eating a pile of cherries from her (twelve acre!) backyard.

saturday: that thing at the upper right corner is uni - or sea urchin - my dads "favorite food on the planet." My sister and I think it's the color of baby poo and has a surface texture like a human tongue but he says it tastes like "a mouthful of sea water." I guess nowadays sushi is more of a yuppie food, but it's something I always associate with my parents who met and lived the first half of their life together in San Francisco. Growing up, they would take us to the one ten-seat sushi bar in our little town for birthday dinner. Even just twenty years ago, sushi was pretty unusual and I always felt it was a special that my parents knew about California things.

p.s. he gives good advice...


  1. Whoa. That's some legit sushi. Even my Japanese ancestors aren't that legit haha.

    These are beautiful photographs. So very moving and emotional. Contrasting yet complementary. Well done!

  2. i LOVE your photos, sam, especially these. why is it that dads, doing anything, are so darn profound? i'll pretend that i didn't tear up a little. thanks for sharing!

  3. "It looks like baby poo and smells like low tide". I have used that quote so many times, it isn't even funny.

    I feel like our dads would really like each other.


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