all the way to the water.

Ocean Ave.
rainy (as always.)
The Oregon Coast
Tyler had never seen the Pacific Ocean before. So, the day before he left Portland we drove down highway 30 until we hit the coast. We had just enough time for fish and chips under a blue giant hydrangea before the sky went gray, as it often does in Oregon. I was hell-bent on him putting his feet in the water. We'd made it this far and I would not be held back by a little weather. But, the combination of low tide and my deep hate for wet jeans stopped us just short of the shoreline. We ducked inside a coffee shop and waited for the rain let up - but after an hour, there was no sign of it stopping. So, we loaded the car and headed home.

We made it to Seaside before the regret set in and we pulled over at a tiny inlet. The clouds broke just long enough for us to run down the wide stretch of sand until we hit the water.

My insistence seemed sort of silly at the time - really, the whole trip kind of did. We only had a tiny 24 hour window between my sister's wedding and Tyler moving back East. It would have been easier just to relax for the day but we made the drive on an impulse. 

That trip taught me just how important milestones can be. And about going the last 10 feet. There's more to life from getting from A to B. But, sometimes you need to know you did it. 

(photos) on film with a borrowed Hasselblad. (p.s) big thanks to my bff Tessa who let us borrow her car for the day and made this possible.


  1. So very true. Sometimes a wet jeans cuff is worth it. Also that last photo of yeah.

  2. Such amazing photos!! And that camera... ohh!
    Lucy xo | We Resolve Blog

  3. I love this post. Having just moved from California to Virginia, my heart aches for the Pacific Ocean. Also, moving by impulse with someone special is sometimes just what your soul needs.

  4. I so want a old film camera! and another visit to the sea...lovely photos :)

  5. i believe the trip was worth it. despite the tiredness. and you're so right. sometimes we just need to know that we did it!

  6. your photos are so stunningly clear and beautiful. i'm so impressed!

  7. i love those photos!and that camera! to die for. i love impulse trips like that. even if they are rushed, they always seem to be the best : ) found your blog through in-between dreams!

  8. those last ten feet. that's where it's at.

    (love this)



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