Coffee Talk : Doing This Pro-Bono

Today, at the coffee shop where I work someone told me:
"Find something you would do for free. Do it early, and do it often. That's how to follow your dreams"
As artists, most of us don't get to spend the day doing what we love. Instead we do something that will help us make enough money to pay rent and buy easy-mac. Then at night, in a small studio apartment with a stomach full of powdered cheese sauce, we sit down to do what we really love. Off the clock.

And it's that thing, that fills our free-time {emphasis on free} that will lead us to our dreams. Because there is no reason, no paycheck, to make us do it. Just hope, and the feeling of purpose that says this is what I'm meant to do.

p.s. if you need a little extra encouragement, there is always thinking of yourself in movie montage mode.


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