2011 : Five Favorite Posts and Photos

f i v e   f a v o r i t e   p o s t s 
. a step-by-step guide on How to Delete Half Your Facebook "Friends"

. thoughts on human touch : "It is touch that bridges the gap of our singular existence, a reminder at both ends that we are all just souls and skin"

. bus rider wisdom after the Tsunami hit Japan.

. finding #592 in the community art project La La Letters on Valentines Day

. a photo paired with the poem "She Considers the Shape of Her Soul"
    f i v e   f a v o r i t e   p h o t o s
    Blizzard in a blizzard
    a lucky double exposure (Pentax k1000)

    in collaboration with Chelsea Fuss at her Summer School PDX frolic! flower class (Pentax k1000)

    Grandmother and Furby Grandmother and Furby (nikon n2000)

    Summer Nights an August evening (Pentax k1000 - on expired 100iso fuji film)

    Jamie wearing a Bee Hive from the DIY : How to Do Your Hair in a Beehive (Pentax k1000 - on 800iso kodak ektar film)


    1. These pictures are stunning. The first one is by far my favorite. Love it!

    2. Ah, I love the post about deleting facebook friends!! Fortunately I don't have too many friends on there, I try to keep it clean. My method is to ask myself whether I'd say happy birthday to them (on their wall) if it was their birthday... I have some exceptions, but they're not many!

    3. this was really lovely to read sam, thank you :)


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