A Year in Review

meadow (my favorite photo)

On January 1st, I decided 2011 was the year I would apply to graduate school. I started by studying for the GRE; learning lots of new words and doing the New York Times crossword puzzle everyday (though it was March before I finished one). 

By the end of February, my time as a waitress came to end when I went to work "upstairs" in sales and marketing. I found a new sense of purpose and rediscovered how wonderful it was to have real weekends. 

Spring came slowly in Portland, so I traveled to Southern California. In Los Angeles I fell in love with Urban Light and Bottega Louie, but seeing San Diego was bittersweet. It wouldn't be the last of my 2011 travels, I also backpacked 35 miles through Yellowstone (though I've yet to post most of the pictures)

I turned 24 over a festive French dinner, and spent the rest of the summer on a highnote. My job, my apartment, my boyfriend were all  just right. In September my friends and I watched the swifts roost, feeling the season come to an end. And by October things had changed - as they always do in fall.

This winter was quiet, but quite a success. I visited my grandad in Montana, the last stop for 2011's New Years Resolution: seeing all my grandparents

Tomorrow, I'll be revisiting my favorite posts and favorite photos from 2011. Then onto a new year with new resolutions. Welcome to the world, 2012! We're happy to have you here.

[ (photo) on ilford 100iso b+w film with pentax k1000. the sun sets in Yellowstone backcountry ]


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