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You know those times when you compliment someone on their shirt ... and then look down and realize you're wearing something nearly identical? that's basically what happened to me at Dog River Coffee Co in Hood River. I was going on-and-on about how great my coffee was, only to read the fine print on the menu board and realize it was made with Portland's own Stumptown.

The same cup of coffee in a cute ski town. Even with a change in scenery, I'm still a creature of habit. 

Powerlines going East

Dog River is located on Oak Street, the main avenue in Hood River. It's a Portland(ish) Place: about 45 minutes outside of the city, up the scenic Columbia River Gorge.

(photo) on film with Minolta SRT-201 (p.s) make a day out of it! stop at  Multnomah Falls, then go see some zebras


  1. there's nothing like finding a little piece of home far from it (especially if that little piece of home is coffee!)

  2. Your friend in the red and white sweater looks exactly like Zooey Deschanel!

  3. how do you feel about me invading your life and coming for a visit. the more i see of portland on your blog the more i realize I NEED TO VISIT.


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