greenhouse still life
counting kale.
sun golds in the hoop house.
After my trip to Stone Barns, I have deeper appreciation for the things we eat. And, for those who make them grow.  Every time I hold a sungold tomato I think of the staggering amount of care that went into getting that tiny, perfectly round orange ball into my hand, completely whole. Planting, watering (but not over watering), watching for blight, and gently picking.

It's gratitude in the most basic sense - an appreciation of the work and thought and luck required to get here. Thanksgiving Day is a table full of that feeling.

(photos) on film with Pentax K1000 | also, a second scene (essay) on farm beginnings and endings.
(more farms) lavender | dahlias + raspberries | pear orchards


  1. Beautiful photographs and thoughts. Also, I really want to go to Stone Barns.

  2. these are so lovely. and what a wonderful perspective on thanksgiving!

  3. i love thinking of thanksgiving in that way. i also love the color in the first photo.

  4. Again, gorgeous pics. Makes me want to have a day in the garden with a vege patch all of my own.

    Katie XX

    Sweet Apple Lifestyle


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