Out of the Office

It'll be quiet around this little corner of the internet for the week. I have my hands full with finals (hearing myself say that makes me feel like a nineteen year old! Oh, to be young.)  Let's meet back here on Monday, okay? 

in the meantime, here are a few winter posts on Ashore that you may have missed:
and couple of warm-you-up posts from around the web: 


  1. Good luck on finals!! You'll feel marvellous when you are done!

  2. Good luck getting through the craziness! I found that finals week in grad school was a lot less stressful than in undergrad since I wasn't as worried about my GPA anymore :)

  3. Aw, thanks for the link love, Sam! And good luck knocking those finals out of the park.

    1. you are welcome, Kayla! just keep it coming with those perfectly matched (and oh so pleasing!) photo pairs.

  4. Wish you good luck! I love those winter/christmas posts..

  5. Thanks for the great links and the photo is so nice!

  6. Good luck with finals!

    I love these posts. It's oddly warm here this week so I'm only finding December on the internet...oh well. :)

  7. thanks for all the well wishes and I'm oh so glad that you mentioned enjoying the links. Should I do this more often? I'm thinking YES!

  8. Adorei de mais as imagens do teu blog.....
    E os assuntos que aborda são sensacionais.
    Visita o meu ai XD:



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